golden visa program

Portugal offers the fastest and most cost effective way to obtain European citizenship via the Golden Visa program.

The Government program offers a Residence Permit and the right to apply for Portuguese Citizenship after 5 years of continious residence.

This opportunity offers applicants and their families from non-EU/EEA countries a special residence permit in exchange for a five-year investment in Portugal followed by a path to European Citizenship

The investor must be a citizen of a third country – in other words, not a citizen of Portugal or the EU/EFTA

Applicants should not have a criminal record
The Investment must be maintained for at least five years

During the first year, you must spend at least seven days in Portugal, and after that – at least 14 days

every two years

advantages of the golden visa progtam


Visa-free access to all Schengen countries (189 Globally)
Investors and their dependents can live, work and study in Portugal
Flexibility of maintaining a residence permit without having to reside in the country
The right to apply for Portuguese citizenship in 5 years
The possibility for legal family members to obtain a residence permit
Profitable investments in real estate, generating rental income

This is one of the most attractive programs as investors do not have to live in Portugal

Investment Requirements

280 000 € — For housing in areas with low population density in the interior or in the autonomous

regions of the Azores and Madeira.

350 000 € — For buildings under reconstruction, built more than 30 years ago.

500 000 € — For modern Real estate in other regions of Portugal.

The property can be resold after 5 mandatory years of ownership.
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