For many investors seeking second citizenship, Dominica is attractive because the legislation allows you to obtain second citizenship in a short time and without the need to live in the country.

The program was officially launched in 1991, enjoying well-deserved popularity among investors from all over the world. The country recognizes the institution of dual citizenship, so when applying for a Dominica passport, there is no need to renounce previous citizenship.


Applicants are not required to reside in Dominica during the application process

Visa-free entry to 144 countries

Dominica does not levy any taxes on the income of its non-residents

Only a few nationalities have limited access to the program

CBIU offers numerous investment packages for applicant families

Second citizenship is allowed in the country

The Dominica passport allows its holder to enjoy life in their country

Investment Requirements

A donation to the state fund in the amount of 100,000 USD is required if the applicant is alone, or in the amount of 200,000 USD if it is a family.

The donation can be replaced by the purchase of real estate (200,000 USD) provided that the investor does not sell it for 3 years.

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